White paper: Hydrogen Purchasing Guide and Considerations

Hydrogen today is sold by large industrial gas companies and distributors, and the hydrogen economy in the US is set to experience an influx of subsidies from the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act, which are expected (as of mid 2022) to dedicate a combined $22.5 billion to lower-carbon hydrogen production.

This funding may alter the competitive landscape in the industry, although the key needs procurement professionals must address in terms of business requirements and physical properties of the hydrogen will remain the same.

The only exception to this is with relation to net zero goals from the organization, which may filter down to CO2 equivalence targets for hydrogen purchased.

When having a need for hydrogen, an organisation must understand both its physical needs in terms of how the hydrogen will be used as well as its business needs. This white paper identifies some of the key considerations to be aware of when procuring hydrogen for your business.

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