Wise Telemetry, a leader in telemetry services for the industrial gas and propane industries, has announced the next generation of its end-to-end  telemetry platform.

Called the Elite Series, the new generation features expanded product offerings, new software features, and a customisable pricing structure. Combined, the Elite Series provides customers with what the company describes as, ‘premier telemetry solutions and exceptional value’.

The Elite Series features new products such as the E9200, as well as many updates to its current models. With the E9200, Wise Telemetry introduces the first fully integrated telemetry system for microbulk tanks and liquid cylinders available in the industry. With a built-in differential pressure sensor, LCD display, and cellular communications equipment, the E9200’s form factor is ideal for monitoring beverage carbon dioxide (CO2).

The system fits entirely within the tank’s protective ring, requires no solar panels or external cords, and can be installed in minutes. The system is also a first in its affordability, with prices as low as $250 per system.

As part of the Elite Series, Wise Telemetry’s communication boxes now include features such as an LCD display screen for easy device readings and 4-20mA compatibility for long wire applications. In addition, the new communication boxes will have LTE-M connectivity, starting this summer. LTE-M is a new low power, low cost method of data communication that dramatically extends the communication box’s battery life. This will allow the communication boxes to transmit readings up to 24 times per day.

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The Elite Series also delivers a suite of new features in the online dashboard, including a geographic map that shows the location and alert status of all sites, an alerts page indicating all sites that need deliveries, and an end-user login portal. Additionally, all data shown on the dashboard can be downloaded as Excel reports for easy distribution and analysis.

As part of Wise Telemetry’s commitment to enhancing the telemetry experience, a standard integration has been developed that allows data from Wise Telemetry’s dashboard to be automatically fed into other software systems such as ERP, asset tracking, and route planning.

These integrations can use telemetry data to automatically issue reorders, connect to billing, and plan optimal delivery routes. Several of the companies that Wise Telemetry has integrated with include TrackAbout, Computers Unlimited, and Lockhouse Networks.


The Elite Series implements a customisable pricing structure that allows customers to select the specific features they want in each of their telemetry units.

This approach provides significant flexibility for customers to purchase only the hardware features they need and helps to keep Wise Telemetry’s hardware prices at affordable levels. In fact, Wise Telemetry is now able to offer bulk tank monitors for as little as $275, seven times less expensive than other telemetry offerings, it says.

Wise Telemetry founder, Eric Wise explained, “The Elite Series is the result of listening to feedback from our customers, who range in size from large companies to small businesses. With the Elite Series, we have incorporated their requests, significantly improved the technology, and maintained very competitive price points.”