Wise Telemetry has introduced the next generation of its Elite Series telemetry platform, called the Elite 2.0.

Source: Wise Telemetry

Wise Telemetry’s Elite 2.0

The latest generation from Pittsburgh, US-based Wise Telemetry, a provider of telemetry services for the industrial gas industry, includes many new and improved features to allow customers to monitor any asset, anywhere. 

One of the Elite 2.0’s biggest advances is the ability to communicate on multiple nationwide cellular networks. This will allow customers to monitor assets even in the most challenging locations.

The Elite 2.0 is also the first product to introduce GPS tracking to Wise Telemetry’s devices. GPS can automatically add a marker on a map in the Wise Telemetry dashboard so that a distributor can view all of their tank locations.

Eric Wise, CEO of Wise Telemetry, said, “One of the system’s biggest advantages is the ability to provide so many readings without having to be plugged in or connected to a secondary gateway. This becomes important when an asset is outside and far from a power outlet.”

The Elite 2.0 also gives customers the ability to change the system’s reading frequency for end users that rapidly or sporadically consume gas.

“Some end users, such as fabrication shops using lasers, can quickly and suddenly drain a large amount of the product in their tanks,” Wise said.

“The Elite 2.0’s variable reading setting lets our customers choose exactly how often they would like readings in these situations.”

By February 2022, all major 3G networks in the US are scheduled to be shut off, and any 3G telemetry device will need to be replaced or retrofitted before that time. To help customers save money while making this transition, the Elite 2.0 can adapt old third-party telemetry systems that will need to be replaced.

Source: WiseTelemetry

Elite 2.0 with differential pressure sensor

Wise said, “If you currently have 3G telemetry systems from any vendor, you are going to have to replace or adapt them before February 2022. The Elite 2.0 has been specifically designed to meet your needs and save money during that process. It’s easy, too. The adaptation process takes less than five minutes and only requires a screwdriver. The Wise Telemetry team is excited to continue supporting our customers with the addition of the Elite 2.0 to our line-up. With all of its new capabilities, the Elite 2.0 will enable gas distributors to continue optimising deliveries and saving money.”

The Elite 2.0 features a variety of mounting hole patterns compatible with standard bulk tanks and third party telemetry mounting stands.

Wise added, “Customers are really enjoying how easy it is to install the Elite 2.0. This is a great example of implementing design changes based on customer requests.”