According to UK company Witt Gas Techniques Ltd their new PA CO2 Analyser is able to assist veterinarians and farmers in fighting any outbreak of bird flu by controlling the CO2 concentration within the enclosed room being used to slaughter any contaminated poultry.

In order to gas contaminated poultry reliably a constant 80 per cent CO2 concentration is required for at least 30 minutes. In an agricultural environment it is nearly impossible to find a completely hermetically sealed room from which no gas can escape.

The PA CO2 Analyser can assist by analysing the gas concentration in the
ambient air in the room where the slaughter is taking place and if the CO2 concentration reduces, more gas can immediately be pumped in.

Carl Long, General Manager at Witt Gas Techniques said: "We have already received a number of enquiries throughout Europe about this application in anticipation of an outbreak arising. This analyser can also be used for fighting bugs in grain silos and a number have already been sold purely for this."