The Germany headquartered company Witt is celebrating its 70th anniversary – as we take a look at some of the significant milestones the company has achieved since inception.

When Paul Witt marketed the world’s first dry Flashback Arrestor in 1945, no one could have foreseen then how it would turn out: it ultimately led to a world-leading manufacturer of products for mixing, dosing, testing and analysis of gases as well as safety devices for technical gas systems.

Safety from the word go

Right up to the present day, the Witt Flashback Arrestor has been protecting people daily against the catastrophic accidents that can occur with flammable gases, for example when welding or cutting. Witt products have also become indispensable in many other industries, (for example) in the chemical industry, glass production, laser and medical technology, the automotive and aeronautical sectors as well as the food industry. Witt’s work has frequently been pioneering, as the company the first supplier to manufacture a standardised series of inert gas mixers for the food packaging industry. And this is a success that the around 200 employees at the company headquarters in Witten are proud of.

Uncompromising quality and worldwide service

For Alexander Kampschulte, Marketing Manager at Witt, the reason for the success lies, above all, in the tremendous benefits that customers derive from Witt products. As he knows well, the improvements come not only in terms of safety, quality and efficiency. A further crucial factor to success is service.

“Witt offers competent advice and continues to advise customers after their purchase,” stated the company in reflection of the crucial factors to success.

Not every supplier is able to offer worldwide service and support via a close network of branches and partners. The result: Witt is now enjoying success in over 60 countries on all continents and around two thirds of production is exported.

“An additional guarantee of Witt’s success lies in the company’s quality management and control regimes. Witt’s range of R&D and manufacturing in Germany is broad and is extensively certified. The quality management and control regimes are correspondingly extensive. Although attaining the high levels of precision, reliability and user-friendliness required for its products is complex, it is nonetheless vital because it all comes down to safety,” states Alexander Kampschulte. The effort pays off not least through satisfied customers and long-standing customer relationships. 

Expanding Further

The construction work at the head office in Witten shows that the development is far from complete. This site is currently benefiting from renewed strong investment so as to gain more space for the development and production of seal testing systems, amongst other products.