Gas technology manufacturer Witt-Gasetechnik is celebrating 75 years of business.

The Witten, Germany-based company first introduced flashback arrestors for welding applications in 1945.

Founder Paul Witt revolutionised the handling of flammable gases with this small but immensely important component.

These safety devices remain a globally demanded part of the Witt product portfolio and the manufacturer also offers a comprehensive range of valves for industrial gas applications, such as safety relief valves, gas non-return valves and pressure regulators.

Witt’s R & D team continues to constantly improve and expand the company’s product range, responding to changing requirements and developing game-changing innovations.

Witt 4.0

A current example is the shift to digital solutions for networked manufacturing in Industry 4.0 – a change that does not stop at gas technology.

Driving development forward for years, Dr. Richard Benning, Managing Partner, and third generation to head the family business, calls this next revolution from Witt ‘Witt 4.0’.

The technological breakthrough was achieved two years ago when Witt presented the first prototypes of ‘smart’ fittings – safety devices that can record and transmit important parameters such as pressures and temperatures via sensors.

Witt’s engineers managed the feat of integrating the electronics directly into the fittings.

Fully integrated valves offer real commercial added value: real-time data from a single device, little space required, quick installation, easy maintenance.

Smart dome pressure regulators that can measure gas pressure and temperature, calculate flow rates and transmit them to a network are now an integral part of the product catalogue. The company said further ‘smart’ fittings will be added soon.

Data anywhere and anytime

Witt has also long since equipped gas analysers and gas mixers with electronic control systems.

These systems, parallel to the smart fittings, are seamlessly networked in the production process and can be controlled ‘intelligently’.

All components are interconnected via the local network and can be read and controlled over the internet via a PC or tablet.

Global company with local presence

Witt 4.0 is another important building block for the company to maintain and expand its leading market position.

The manufacturer has always worked meticulously on its portfolio and is consistently expanding it.

Witt has long been regarded as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything relevant to the safe handling of gases.

Whilst its products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in Witten, Witt generates more than half of its sales outside Germany, and is represented through subsidiaries and sales partners on all continents.