A new development by Witt promises quality and safety in gas supply technology to the highest level.

The new ‘smart’ gas mixing system is an independent system control which includes automatic error correction and ensures high process security. It is suitable for all applications relying on a continuously high gas quality, for instance in the semiconductor industry.

The integrated complete solution includes high quality and fully electronically controlled mixing, dosing and analysing components, allowing the production of extremely accurate gas mixtures.

In the production of highly sensitive electronic devices in particular, the correct mixing ratio in gas supply is essential for the manufacturing process.

‘The smallest of variations could already have a negative impact on manufacturing quality and would make the product unusable in the worst case scenario’, explains Martin Bender, General Sales and Innovation Manager of Witt.

The new gas mixing system, including integrated permanent quality control equipment avoids this risk.

The digital controller, which controls and monitors all processes, is at the heart of this application. ‘The electronic control system optimises the mass flow of fuel gases, compensates any disturbing influences like pressure fluctuations or temperature impacts, and keeps the values stable during the entire production period’, added Bender.

By using MFC technology (MFC = Mass Flow Controller) a highly accurate gas mixing and dosing process can be ensured, according to Witt.

Via the integrated analysis system, this controller system simultaneously delivers digital measurement data for permanent quality control. Should the gas mixture vary - for instance as a result of unusually strong primary pressure fluctuations - the sophisticated safety concept designed by gas technology specialist Witt comes into effect.

As soon as the slightest deviation from the nominal value is detected in the analysis, the system automatically blocks the gas supply for the production process and switches over to a parallel backup supply system instantly. There is no need to interrupt the manufacturing process; no faulty gas mix can get into the production.

The gas mix is vented via a solenoid valve, the compensation tank is flushed and the error is analysed before the mixing process is continued.

Everything is fully automatic. A backup supply including premixed gas is used as an additional safety measure.

With an intuitive usable touchscreen, the user has an overview of all processes and parameters. Upon request, these devices can also conveniently be controlled via Intranet or Internet. In this case, the user interface can identically be copied to the customer’s computer with no additional software training required.