The state of the art safety device from Witt prevents sudden or creeping reverse gas flow and flashbacks in flammable gas mixtures at the outlet point, for example, in a distribution line or a single cylinder system. It is therefore essential for safety-related applications using flammable gas, such as welding and cutting.

With the Super 55, the Witten based manufacturer is adding an additional BAM tested and certified model to its wide range of safety equipment complying with EN 730 / ISO 5175-1. It instantly cuts off the gas supply and prevents work from continuing after an unnoticed flashback or reverse gas flow.

The integrated sintered chromium-nickel steel arrestor prevents flashbacks. The non-return valve acts with optimum accuracy and reliably stops any gas flow. This automatically inhibits the formation of explosive mixtures in the gas supply.

If the device \\$quot;detects\\$quot; a reverse gas flow or flashback, a highly visible red warning indicator on the head of the small detector is activated. A single glance is enough to clearly identify when the gas supply has been cut off for safety reasons. A smart feature that means that the Witt model is not only of interest to professionals but also provides quick assurance for occasional use.