The German industrial gas technology specialist, WITT Gasetechnik, recently spoke out in endorsement of algae.

The ‘crop of the future’ received particular attention in a recent press statement which highlighted WITT’s ability to meet all algae related needs with its portfolio of technology.

According to the company, the demand for algae has been on the ascent both in Germany and abroad, since 2010. A company spokesman added, “Worldwide, algae producers and scientists are working extremely hard to make the manufacturing process more efficient. Already now, some nine million tons are harvested each year, and the trend is rising.”

WITT was keen to pinpoint the particularly focal role played by carbon dioxide, which is meant to accelerate growth of the aquatic organism. Martin Bender explained the need for precision instruments in dosing and analysing the gases that assist cultivation. He said, “Nutrients, heat and CO2 are the only preconditions - if these are perfectly combined, algae grow up to 20 times faster than land plants.”

The applications for algae today are widespread, indeed the notoriously green plants can be found in foods, animal feed, cosmetics, medicines and even building materials. Looking ahead, scientists hope to harness algae’s absorption of CO2 as a means of climate regulation, while trials are already underway investigating the use of algae in hydrogen production and battery technology for transport.