Gas technology manufacturer Witt has extended its PA gas analysis range into a ‘totally new dimension of gas analysis,’ revealing an updated version of its ‘PA 7.0’ analyser.

The updated device can now detect trace quantities of oxygen (O2) in gaseous media, measuring down to the parts per million (ppm) range, thanks to the integration of a highly sensitive zirconium cell.

Witt gas analyser pa7 ppa

Whilst its predecessor, the classic PA, measures in increments of 0.1% with a chemical sensor, the new zirconium version detects in the ppm range. The accuracy of its measurements is within a 5% range.

The compact analyser has been designed to monitor protective atmospheres in food packaging and welding. It can carry out sample, inline and simultaneous analysis of O2 and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The German manufacturing company revamped the same analyser ‘PA 7.0’ in January 2016 into a more compact and hygienic design. Weighing in at just under 6kgs, the instrument is protected by a sturdy stainless steel housing.

Witt’s new PA version forms part of an extensive product portfolio, comprising of mobile and stationary systems for countless gas applications in the food and beverage, medical applications, metalworking and glass production industries.