WITT-Gasetechnik has introduced a new pressure regulating solution to the market and in doing so has increased its range of dome pressure regulators.
The release was launched earlier this month and comes in a number of models. The 747LE and 757LE New Dome Pressure Regulators offer a substantially increased pipe diameter of up to two inches; representing an increase on the previous ¾ inch diameter.
Furthermore, the regulator valve system has been optimised and offers increased maximum flow rate over a wide range of pressures. WITT says that regulators are particularly suitable to users who need constant gas pressure at the outlet point, even when consumption is fluctuating.
The newest models represent an extension to the firm's range of dome pressure regulators for in-pipe installation to six systems. Consequently, users have the choice of solutions for input pressures of up to 200 bar and output pressures of up to 45 bar available to them. The new models are also available as a complete set including pilot pressure regulator, primary and back pressure manometers as well as necessary connections, making the work of the planners and fitters much simpler.