Using a parallel connection for Witt’s 85-10 flashback arrestors provides users with the opportunity to use a higher gas flow rate, as well as a lower cost alternative.

Utilising a parallel connection, the 85-10 models can be used as an alternative to using an 85-30 flashback arrestor.

As well as delivering that revelation, Witt is keen to point out that its EN 730/ISO 5175-1 standard 85-10 flashback arrestors are BAM certified and suitable for use with shielding gases in welding, as well as in foundries and steel making. The units protect gas cylinders and gas supply hose outlet points against gas back feeding and flashbacks.

By using 2 x parallel connection tee-pieces supplied by Witt, the company explains that two of these flashback arrestors can be connected together in parallel to supply an increased flow rate of up to 64%.

Witt has announced that this option can be used as both a temporary or permanent installation, while the units can be mounted in any orientation and provide triple protection against gas back feeding and flashbacks.