During the Expowelding Trade Fair, the International Welding Fair in
Sosnowiec, Poland, the new MG500 gas mixer from Witt was awarded the prize for best product.

No less than 142 exhibitors participated in the competition, but the MG500 exhibited remarkable technology. With a capacity of 500m³/h, this mixer offers one of the highest flow rates available.

It contains an integrated analyser, which ensures the constant quality of the gas flow
using an integrated automatic readjust function. With an internal heater fitted as a standard feature, the MG500 is suitable for outdoor use at temperatures as low as

It includes the new ‘Gas Control 100’ digital control processor, which the manufacturer will provide as an industrial standard for all product lines.

Experts chose the MG500 due to its simple to operate, yet advanced technology. An intuitive multi-lingual, colour touch screen, whose display can be set according to customer’s requirements, allows the user to adjust all settings.

Also possible is network control with data memory readout, together with the function of remote maintenance by the manufacturer, ensuring that users have few concerns with reference to their mixing systems.