Witt Gas has provided additional safety to dangerous, odourless gases such as oxygen.

Oxygen, commonly used on shipyards and steelworks, has caused concern over dangers of explosion. Odourless flammable gases can go un-noticed if there is a gas leak. A build up of dangerous gases in an area can create the right conditions for an explosion.

The Warrington based company recently introduced the GM60 gas mixer to prevent this danger.

According to the company, the mixer mixes odourless gases with an odourising substance, DMS (Demithlesulfite). The strong aroma of the substance mixed with a flammable gas is easily noticed and therefore action can be taken to prevent further danger.

Carl Long, general manager at Witt Gas UK, said: "This is a very simple device that can easily be used with any gas supplies, whether it is bulk storage or individual cylinders and it can be retrofitted to existing gas supplies. Leaking gas, especially odourless gas, is one of the main causes of accidents and this inexpensive system could help save lives."

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