Witt Gas Techniques Ltd has received an order for a MG100-2ME Heliox/O2 electronic gas mixer with touch screen control from a leading supplier of diving and sub sea equipment.

Carl Long, general manager at Witt Gas Techniques said, $quot;This will the 3rd system that we will have delivered to the diving support industry in 2007. I believe our technical expertise and experience in supplying gas mixers to a wide variety of industries has helped us in obtaining these orders.$quot;

The company involved provide equipment for commercial, professional and military divers and the mixer will be used for a diving support vessel. The MG100-2ME gas mixer, with TUV approval to PED 97/23/EG Modul G, is being delivered with 70 bar O2 and 200 bar Heliox pressure regulators and isolation valves on the inlets and will be used to mix oxygen with heliox, the breathing gas made from oxygen and helium, used by deep sea divers working at depths up to 300m.

It will mix the correct percentage of oxygen and heliox for the required depth; the greater the depth the less oxygen is required in the gas. It has a better than +/-1% abs mixing precision. Mr Long explained precision is important to Witt's technical designers saying, $quot;Our whole ethos is built around the safe usage and handling of all technical gases.$quot;

The mixer, which has an integrated paramagnetic O2 analyser, automatic calibration and an audible analyser alarm, is built into a 19$quot; rack cabinet specified by the customer. The Heliox mixture is adjustable in 0.1 steps, the inlet pressure is minimum 10 bar and maximum 70 bar O2 and 200 bar Heliox, the receiver pressure is 4,5 - 5,0 bar. Witt hope to deliver the unit in early summer 2007