WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG was founded as a two man operation in 1945 by Paul Witt in Witten, Germany and is still family owned too.

Through planned and consistent growth, the company is now a highly successful international business with a long tradition as a manufacturer of innovative gas safety products such as non-return values, safety relief valves, and pressure regulators for various industrial applications.

Still located in Witten, WITT operates from an 8,000m2 modern office and production facilities. Still very much a family business too, WITT is now headed by the third generation through Dr Richard Benning, Managing Director since 2000 and great-grandson of the company’s founder.

In 1945, growth was spurred by the first-ever introduction to the market of the ‘dry’ flashback arrestors using a new technology in its time, which became internationally associated with safety in the welding & cutting industry. Numerous inventions and patents have been the basis for continued success.

WITT’s position as one of the world leaders in the manufacture of gas technology equipment is also documented by quality certification covering all its products, including being one of the first German companies to achieve the internationally recognised Quality Management System ISO-9001 back in 1990.

As a leading specialist in gas safety and gas control equipment, all products are manufactured to ATEX, PED, ISO-14001 and ISO-22000 compliance, where applicable, at the Witten facilities. The company is also in the process of obtaining certification for the medical device standard ISO-7396-1.

At the forefront
WITT started to manufacture gas mixers in 1969, initially for use with shielding gases in welding. This was the beginning of rapid growth and the development of a comprehensive range of gas mixers, gas analysers and complete turnkey installations for applications involving gases.

The introduction of electronic controls and read-out systems enabled WITT to be at the forefront of this development and supply to industries where quality, safety and process integration are paramount.

With its high quality standards as well as the competence and commitment of its employees, WITT now exports nearly 70% of all its products to over 60 countries. WITT believes in building strong customer relationships through its subsidiaries in France, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK, as well as selling partners around the world.

WITT technology ensures safety and quality in many industries. One area of growing importance is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) – providing packed goods with a longer shelf life, greater freshness, taste and colour. WITT offers a range of gas mixing systems, stationary & portable gas analysers and leak detection systems for the quality control of MAP-packages.

WITT continues to introduce new innovative products to meet market demands and Managing Director, Dr Benning said, “We are proud of our range of products that we have developed and the patents we have received over the years as well as the international recognition as being a manufacturer of innovative, technology based gas equipment.$quot;

$quot;All our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and today, we can boast of that every single product we manufacture is safety and quality tested using ‘State of the Art’ testing facilities and equipment before being released to the customer.”

“In order to meet the increasing innovative requirements of our clients, we continue to develop new products for our markets in the belief that this benefits our customers and keeps us at the driving edge. We will continue to further invest in our product development through the use of the latest production and quality testing technology.”

Variety of applications
WITT technology can be found in many applications including specialist gas mixers on offshore diving vessels for oxygen/helium mixtures used in deep diving or for integrity testing of aircraft wing fuel tanks using Helium/Air mixtures to the supply of synthetic air using pure oxygen and nitrogen mixtures for use in hospitals where meticulously clean air is essential.

WITT gas mixing systems are also used for the filling of life-saving airbags or help control the ripening of bananas with an ethylene/air mixture.

A new focus at WITT is the development and design of safety and control equipment for the growing market of hydrogen and biogas applications.

Only recently two new unrivalled stainless steel hydrogen flashback arrestors RF85-30N/H-ES for up to 11bar and F100-17N-ES for up to 17bar were launched, keeping pace with the increasing usage of hydrogen at high pressures.