Witt Gas Techniques Ltd, the Warrington based gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier has introduced a new \\$quot;˜Super 85\\$quot; Flashback Arrestor to enhance its existing range of \\$quot;˜Super\\$quot; flashback arrestors for use on gas supply pipelines or gas reducing regulators with acetylene, butane, propane, natural gas, methane, hydrogen and oxygen as well as non-flammable gases.

Witt gas reported that this new flashback arrestor has an additional pressure sensitive cut-off valve, which will stop reverse gas flow and detect leaks upstream, it is slim in design and can therefore easily be fitted onto existing gas supply pipelines as it has a straight design and no offset connections.

Flashbacks are commonly caused by operator error and the use of flashback arrestors for operator safety is paramount. The \\$quot;˜Super 85\\$quot; has been designed to cut off the gas supply after every flashback or reverse gas flow, allowing the operator to resolve the cause. A visual warning is given, by the arrestor\\$quot;s sleeve being released to show a red ring, indicating that the gas supply has been cut off. The operator can easily manually reset the device after he/she has resolved the cause.

In addition to the new feature, this flashback arrestor has all the normal features associated with Witt products, including the extinguishing of dangerous flashbacks using sintered stainless steel elements, a temperature sensitive cut-off valve to extinguish a sustained backfire, non-return valves to prevent the formation of explosive mixtures in the gas supply, protection against dirt contamination using a filter at the gas inlet.

Carl Long, General Manager at Witt Gas Techniques said: "The well established \\$quot;˜norm\\$quot; for dry safety devices, which meet European Standard EN730-1 and ISO 5175-1, covering the general requirements and tests for fuel gas, oxygen or compressed air safety devices incorporating a flame (flashback) arrestor for use downstream of the manifold, cylinder and/or pipeline outlet regulators and upstream of blowpipes, incorporate safety features such as flashback arrestor, gas return valves and temperature sensitive valves to prevent sustained backfire.

Our own research has shown that customers are asking for a further safety feature of a pressure sensitive cut-off valve to prevent reverse gas flow, a requirement that has been triggered and adopted by the UK and Japan, whilst in Germany this requirement is now becoming more widespread. The introduction of the Super 85 meets this requirement. Witt has decades of experience in gas safety and all our development has been carried on into this product."

Witt Gas Techniques recommends that the non return valve, leak tightness and flow capacity is tested annually using Witt Gas testing equipment and that servicing is carried out by Witt Gas engineers.