Witt Gas Techniques Ltd has proudly announced that it has had further success with another order from the diving industry, for a MG100-2ME Heliox/O2 electronic gas mixer complete with touch screen control.

The customer, a leading supplier of diving and sub seas equipment for commercial, professional and military divers, has ordered the gas mixer for use on a new diving support vessel currently being built and this represents the 5th gas mixer ordered by this industry during 2007.

Carl Long, general manager at Witt Gas Techniques said, “We are very pleased with the success we have had with this product since it was launched, firstly with the offshore diving industry successfully trialling the mixer and now ordering when upgrading or ordering their support vessels. We have many years experience in supplying gas mixers to a wide variety of industries, with our whole ethos built around the safe use and handling of all technical gases.”

As with the other MG100-2ME gas mixers delivered, this one also has TUV approval to PED 97/23/EG Modul G and is being supplied with 70 bar O2 and 200 bar heliox pressure regulators and isolation valves on the inlets, while it will also be used to mix oxygen with heliox, the breathing gas used by deep sea divers working at depths up to 300m.