German manufacturing company WITT-Gasetechnik has optimised its gas analyser ‘PA 7.0’, used for measuring oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations, with a revamp into a more compact and hygienic design.

Separate chemical, zirconium and infra-red measuring cells have all been integrated into the analyser, which will emit an alarm or switch to a floating contact to interrupt the gas supply, if the limit value is reached.

Added data memory now stores the last 500 measurements, meaning the user can document and analyse all measured results digitally, and the gas-related equipment company has assimilated additional interfaces, such as 24V inputs and outputs as well as relays, with which to integrate the analyser with an existing system.

In some versions, the ’PA 7.0’ can perform a random sample analysis using a sample needle to check the protective gas atmosphere in food packaging.

WITT is hoping the redesign of this device will further infiltrate the food industry and metal processing sector, to help monitor protective and shielding gases.