Witt have brought out a “handy” new tool for protective gas atmospheres in their product range – the Oxybaby V.

It measures the O2 or O2/CO2 concentration in packages in seconds and displays the result on the built-in display.

The product range has been in production since December 2004, but the latest model now includes an additional feature, which is of particular interest to companies with several product or packaging lines. Earlier versions of the model can be up-graded quickly by replacing one chip.

Earlier versions of the Oxybaby V were able to download the last 100 measurements onto a PC, but it was up to the user to assign measured value to a product or packaging line. Only the time of the measurement could not be determined. With the new and upgraded models, the measurements can now be assigned to up to 15 products or packaging lines. Products or packaging lines are listed in the LC display.

The latest version of the Oxybaby range///Photo courtesy of Witt-Gastechnik

The measurement is performed automatically and takes a maximum of 6 seconds. Once the value appears in the display, the next random test can be made via the new product assignment. The sample gas requirement is very low, at less then 4ml, making it possible to test small packages reliably. The cordless compact tool itself weighs only 600g.