Within the gas supply industry, gas quality is paramount and High Purity Filters from Witt are able to provide high gas purity by precision filtration of any mechanical contamination in most technical gas supply pipelines.

Improving both the quality of the process and lifetime of downstream equipment, the new High Purity Filters are Witt ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified.

The products are designed to provide 100% filtration efficiency of contaminant particles up to 0.02 µm for use with laser gas cutting machines, with the burner supply in glass manufacturing equipment and production equipment used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as laboratory pipelines, where the high purity of the gas supply is required.

By fitting such filters, users have fine filtering using corrosion resistant products, which have a high flow range and can be mounted in any orientation.

Furthermore, by installing the high purity filter 57 with a maximum 30 bar working pressure at the outlet point of the gas supply (or the high purity filter 807 with a maximum 50 bar working pressure in the gas supply pipeline), high costs such as the loss of quality in the laser beam and damage to the resonator in laser gas cutting equipment can be reduced to a minimum.