WITT has introduced its latest dome-loaded pressure regulator, the 737 LE-HD/S, designed specifically for high pressure applications and varying flow rates.

The company recently showcased the WITT 737 LE-HD/S at Fabtech in Chicago at the end of last year, highlighting the advantages of dome-loaded regulators over the spring-loaded variety and the specific innovation of their latest, which integrates the previously-separate pilot pressure regulator.

This allows for an increase or reduction in gas pressure as soon as is required by the application. The pilot pressure regulator operates with the process gas or a secondary gas source as it ensures the stability of the dome outlet pressure, regardless of high or low flow rates.

The specs

WITT’s 737 LE-HD/S is rated for up to 300 bar / 4350 psi inlet pressure and delivers stable pressures as required between 2 to 50 bar / 29 to 725 psi at its 1” outlet.

Multiple gas supplies can also be centrally controlled by means of a common pilot gas pressure. New materials for seals, diaphragms and screw connections also guarantee better weather resistance for outdoor installations. The temperature range now spans -30 to 50°C / -22 to 112°F.

Brass and stainless steel models are available and arrive fully tested and assembled, with inlet and outlet pressure gauges.