Witt Gases has introduced a new smart safety valve with integrated sensor technology and communication interface.

The Germany-based company yesterday (10th Dec) unveiled the SV805 Smart which provides users with more transparency and greater safety when handling gases.

In a statement, the gas technology specialist said its new release is an important contribution to networking and digitalisation on the valve sector’s journey for Industry 4.0.

The new SV805 Smart can be used for all technical gases and is available in brass or stainless steel. The opening pressure is individually adjustable from 0.5 to 45 bar.

A TÜV certificate confirming the correctly adjusted opening pressure is supplied by the manufacturer.


Source: Witt

The status of the new valve is continuously monitored by integrated sensors and communicated via optical and digital signals.

Witt has accommodated the smart function compactly in a box which is firmly connected to the fitting. If the valve opens, this is indicated immediately, optically by a red/green diode directly on the valve and digitally by an NPN/PNP Open Collector signal.

Users can be notified every time there is a demand on the valve and is thus informed of process deviations.

Commenting on the innovation, Andrew Smart, Sales Manager at Witt, said, “Witt safety valves do their job with the utmost reliability, but in some cases may go unnoticed.”

“With the signalling that is now possible, the user knows at all times whether critical pressures are occurring in the system and can react accordingly. In this case, more information means more safety.”

“This is the same valve of which tens of thousands are in service world-wide, but now with this super feature” he added.