Germany’s Witt-Gasetechnik has introduced a range of non-return valves for biogas applications, which make an increasingly important contribution to the supply of energy globally.

In order to attain natural gas quality, one of the necessities of biogas energy is desulphurisation, typically using oxygen.

The safety and economics of this desulphurisation are optimised by using non-return valves, which prevent the formation of flammable mixtures.

Non-return valves only allow the added air through in one direction and prevent the return of biogas into the air supply line leading to the compressor.

Meeting this application, Witt’s ‘600 ES’ valves have DVGW approval and have been specially developed for corrosive environments.

The company claims it can do more than any peer products, citing its response at very low opening pressures as a key example. The low pressure losses between the compressor and tank enable the use of smaller compressors and small pipe cross sections, thereby boosting economic viability. High-quality stainless steel, as well as an integrated dirt filter, enable a long service life.