This week saw WITT introduce the “Gas Control 50”. The unit enables quality assurance for plants that mix or process gas by allowing users to permanently monitor the composition of common gas mixtures.

The gas analysis module meets multiple installation needs by offering readily installed ex-works for various gas mixtures in addition to separate housing for retrofitting. WITT expect the $quot;Gas Control 50$quot; to be deployed in future products.

The $quot;Gas Control 50$quot; is modelled on the large-scale digital processor, the $quot;Gas Control 100$quot;. Product Manager, Christian Schmitz explained, ‘The smaller version of the established Gas Control 100 provides them with a top-quality processor control for gas analysis and quality control.’

All variants benefit from a multi-colour touch screen which can be configured both individually and multilingually. They also feature an integrated circular buffer which records user inputs and associated results. This data can be displayed immediately in a graphical format on the device display, or subsequently, on a computer, using the USB interface.

In addition to USB connectivity, an Ethernet interface enables remote control and data access due to the integrated browser-based ‘Web Visio’ software. Alarm limits may also be defined through $quot;Web Visio$quot; or directly, using the touch screen. When these limits are exceeded, the processing unit switches an isolated contact. The gas control unit also allows users to efficiently activate the automated gas analyzer calibration.

Similarly, the ‘“Gas Control 50” is safe for use in explosive areas (ATEX), such as locations where hydrogen in processed. The variant planned for these options is two-folded; with the gas control unit being located outside of the danger zone.

Schmitz emphasised ‘“Gas Control 50’s” saving potential saying, ‘The digital controller makes our gas analysing systems much more user-friendly and offers a high configuration and programming flexibility. ‘

He continued, ‘We are convinced that the acquisition costs for this system will be recovered already with the first prevented production rejects.’

Demonstrations and further information about WITT products can be found at the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt, from May 8th – 13th.