Gas technology manufacturer Witt has launched a new generation of gas non-return valves that enables plant engineers to build smaller and more efficient systems.

The German manufacturers have called the new series “Ultra” and have completely redesigned the non-return valve.

Inside its compact design is an improved valve system with fully optimised gas flow. This allows more flow for the same size, or in other words, the smaller size still allows the full flow.

As a result, the Ultra valve is now smaller and lighter than others and quieter. The more typical fluttering of the valve at certain flow and pressure conditions is now almost non-existent. 

Witt’s new development is small size, low weight, high flow rate, low pressure drop, quiet operation. The valve is also flashback-arresting when burning methane up to 2 bar in air, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5175-1 and -2. 

“We offer users the best valve currently available,” says Witt Sales Manager Andrew Smart.

“This enables them to build state-of-the-art equipment and strengthen their position in the market”.

 Non-return valves are key safety devices in gas systems, plants and pipelines. They prevent the formation of dangerous gas mixtures and other hazards by preventing unintentional reverse flow of gas.

“The Ultra series is more than evolution. Compact designs are demanded by the market, and the Ultra is our answer,” Smart continued.