Witt-Gasetechnik has released new software called ‘Smart World’ which uses the OPC-UA interface to bring different systems together.

The data from individual devices and plant components are displayed on the user’s screen in real time.

Witt said they are clearly summarised in the easily configurable dashboard, the central overview page.

The user is able to analyse all performance areas and exert has full control over the gas installation.

The available data can also be displayed and stored beyond the dashboard, for example in a spreadsheet or as a printout.

“But Smart World is not just an information tool. The multi-secured communication runs in both directions,” Witt said in a product release.

“Users of the software can therefore not only read data, but also write it back to the connected systems. For example, to define new limit values and send them to the devices on site. This turns “Smart World” a control center par excellence.”

“It is not only possible to connect local devices, the software can be operated either Windows-based as a desktop version or web-based, and then also on tablets and smartphones.”

The basis of the software is the open network protocol OPC-UA (Open Platform Communication - Unified Architecture).

“As a result, the individual components of the gas installation understand each other and speak the same language: the decisive guarantee for the cost-effectiveness and futureproofing of this solution,” Witt said.

“In addition, thanks to the open standard, devices from other manufacturers can also be integrated into Smart World.”