The MG 500 gas mixer from Witt has recently been judged as the ‘Best Product’ on show, at the ExpoWELDING exhibition held in Sosnowice, Poland.

Held from 21st-23rd October 2008, the event in Poland saw the MG 500 recognised for its specially designed ability to mix industrial gases in central gas supply systems found in various industries, including food packaging, aerospace and welding/fabrication.

The unit features a high flow rate up to 500m3/h with the added feature of being able to mix gases outdoors (down to -4°C) due to its heated cabinet. It also has a re-adjust function, whereby, if the integrated gas analyser detects any deviation in the composition of the pre-set gas mixture, it will automatically re-adjust itself to the correct mixture.

Carl Long, General Manager at Witt UK, said of the award, “This show featured most of the world’ leading welding and gas equipment suppliers, so to receive this award against such strong competition is a prestigious achievement.”

“It also shows that through our strategic policy of continuous product development, we are able to maintain our position at the forefront of gas control and safety technology.”

The mixer also features an in-built ‘Gas Control 100’ control unit which is able to store measurements and process data over a long period of time and using the integrated touch screen, the operator is able to monitor this information.