German gas equipment manufacturer Witt Gasetechnik (Witt) has announced moisture analyser technology that is able to mitigate the damage caused by even low levels of moisture to sensitive industrial equipment.

The company’s hand-held HYDROBABY is a lightweight, mobile solution for measuring moisture levels. Comprised of a shock-resistant plastic and pressed aluminium, the 1600g device features a long-lasting rechargeable battery and is IP65 protection classified.

Ideally designed for outdoor use, the weatherproof HYDROBABY also features a built-in diagnostic routine that warns of clogged filters.

The MFA H2O (left) and HYDROBABY (right) moisture analysers

The MFA H2O (left) and HYDROBABY (right) moisture analysers

Suitable more for benchtop operation, Witt states that the compact MFA H2O has an integrated dosing valve and a flow metre, in addition to the potential for a vacuum pump to be connected.

Both devices use a ceramic metal oxide sensor to determine variables such as the dew point in Celsius and the volume ratio of water vapour to gas in parts per million volume (ppmv), as well as featuring an easy-to-operate graphic display.

With a measuring range of -110 to +20°C, the contamination-resistant tech is compatible with a range of applications including condensation monitoring in natural gas pipelines, controller dryer systems, or monitoring furnace gases in heat treatment.