Witt has announced that its pressure regulator has passed a BAM test for being burn-out resistant.

The 737LEHD dome pressure regulator manufactured by the gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier, Witt, has passed a BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) one-time test for being burn-out resistant, when used with oxygen at pressures of up to 240 bar and temperatures of up to 60˚C.

The dome pressure regulators are used as a primary pressure regulator in gas supply pipeline systems to ensure a consistent pressure stability up to a flow of 2300m3/h, regardless of the fluctuations in the gas flows, including gas withdrawals.

Oxygen is considered a critical application for dome pressure regulators because of the risk of burn-out from spontaneous ignition at high pressures; the regulators can be used with most technical gases.

The maximum pre-pressure for the 737LE HD is 240 bar, with a regulating range from 2 to 45 bar.