It’s official according to Witt, the company’s dome pressure regulators satisfy the ultimate safety requirements as recently confirmed by the German Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin.

The superior authority for safety in the fields of technology and chemistry subjected the 737LE pressure regulator series to comprehensive tests which, the company notes, were passed successfully. Witt is now the first manufacturer world-wide to receive the coveted BAM certification for oxygen.

Testers recognised the design quality and functionality of the regulator device, which is therefore suited for virtually all technical gases. The 737LE is used as a primary pressure regulation device in pipeline systems to ensure constant pressure in spite of varying flow quantities.

The BAM certification is also considered to be a quality standard internationally, and will certainly satisfy operators of technical gas systems, as for the first time these users now have confirmed certification of the operating safety for their production.

Dome pressure regulators from Witt have already been reliably used in numerous applications for years. Input pressures up to 60 bar and gas flow rates of up to 650m³/h are no problem for the units, produced exclusively in Germany by Witt.