WITT has recently broached the dilemma of small-scale consumers; sourcing a gas mixture inexpensively. The company has released a number of solution products; the BM-2M and the MM-Flex.
A suggested mid-range unit is the MM-Flex. Witt endorse this unit to users with gas consumption of 220 1/min and more. They promise reduction in stored stocks, lowered logistic expenses and reduced costs.
Though compact like its smaller counterpart, the BM-2M, unit may be wall mounted, making it a viable option in service vehicles as well as for static environments. This appliance is compatible with all industrial gases, except those that are toxic or aggressive.
Similarly, for users with lower requirements of up to 110 1/min, Witt advocates mixers such as Witt’s BM-2M. This system benefits from being compact, self-sufficient and readily equipped with safety valves and manometer.
Weighing 3.5 kg, the unit is securely mounted between two gas cylinders. Other features include standard connections, two robust control knobs in aluminium housing and an accuracy of up to 1%. Witt state that the appliance is suitable for mixing standard gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon and helium.