The new units offer variable processing and a mixing range from 1-99%.
Using patented WITT technology, the units are able to operate without receivers. The company offers two models; the FIX which is pre-set and designed for two or three component gas mixtures, and the FLEX, an adjustable unit intended for two component gas mixtures.
Benefits promised include, high mixing accuracy, robust but compact design, a wall-mounting panel, low maintenance and a pneumatic operating principle that works independently of an electricity supply.
Units have been designed for ease of operation with tamper proof, factory adjusted blends. The FLEX also features a mixing valve with a % scale control knob that enables infinitely variable mixture settings.
Similarly, units run independently of pressure fluctuations in the gas supply and are unaffected by withdrawal fluctuations within a permitted range. In addition, the unit automatically shuts down if a gas supply fails, while the FLEX unit is lockable to protect it from tampering.
Units are compatible with all gases except toxic, corrosive, or fuel gases with air, oxygen or nitrogen dioxide.