Witt-Gasetechnik has introduced a new AM3 Multi-Controller that displays values, monitors processes and logs data and control systems.

This versatile instrument processes 4-20 mA signals from a wide variety of signal sources, for example pressure transmitters, temperature or level sensors, and can simultaneously monitor various systems.

Witt said the Multi-Controller AM3 can be used as a stand-alone unit with a separate housing, but is also ideal for front panel mounting due to its small size.

The analogue inputs and outputs enable communication with external systems.

The AM3 is suitable as a display unit for virtually any application with electrical signals in the 4 to 20 milliamp range.


Source: Witt-Gasetechnik

But the Witt Multi-Controller can do even more, as the company explained in a press release,“The small console has built-in alarm functions and can manage up to eight alarms. Particularly practical: In the event of an alarm, the alarm can be acknowledged directly via the touch display.”

“Naturally, all received important values, such as alarms, can be stored via the integrated data logger.”

In addition to the alarm function, the AM3 can also be used as a device for monitoring external control systems.

“This practical helper for process control has an easy-to-read TFT display, which activates automatically when approached,” the press release continued.

“The device parameters, such as alarm limit values, can be easily set using capacitive keys. The graphic menu navigation is clear and intuitive. Depending on requirements, different international units such as Bar, PSI or kPa can be selected.”

“Integrated into Witt gas mixers, the controller is used to monitor the inlet pressures and the vessel pressure and replaces the previous alarm module. Thanks to unchanged installation dimensions, the module can easily be retrofitted onto Witt gas mixers that previously used the Witt alarm module.”