The german manufacturer, WITT GmbH, has recently optimised its PA gas analyser line. The new range offers improved dimensions as well as enhanced display and connectivity options.
The new 'PA' generation benefits from being ultra compact in size. Thanks to this the device can be stored and used at any location where gas mixtures are processed. Furthermore, the system can be used for both random sampling and for permanent monitoring; this translates as working across various platforms, from the food industry to welding and cutting applications.
The latest PA line measures carbon dioxide and/or oxygen concentration, depending upon the model. It also utilises alarms which offer cut-off facilities, making it particularly appropriate for ensuring quality assurance.

The device also incorporates a larger and more informative display which benefits from splashwater-protected housing. Other additions include an extended keyboard and menu structure which offer intuitive operation, even when wearing gloves.
As with other recent WITT releases, the PA incorporates a USB interface to enable external data processing. Similarly, software updates are easy to install via SD card while printers and other devices may be attached using the in-built Bluetooth.
More detailed information about WITT’s latest releases can be found at the company website;