The German based company, WITT, has revised its modular electronic gas mixing and dosing systems to incorporate Mass Flow Controller (MFC) Technology.
The adjustment promises to keep set-up times short, but will also supply digital measurement data to enable perpetual quality control. Ralf Winkler, Witt Product Manager, remarked, “We fully re-engineered the design of the MDE series and realised a lean construction. The control technology is now assembled onto highly compact mixing blocks.$quot;
He continued, $quot;These separate units can be variably combined depending on the number of burners that need to be supplied.”
The modified units offer modular designs which can be expanded quickly and simply according to the required burner performance. Furthermore, WITT pledges a new set-up time of 30 minutes. Similarly, the company’s range of gas mixing and dosing systems combine all components required for the burner supply in a single unit. In addition, the fitted flashback arrestors allow devices to meet stringent safety standards.