Witt-Gastechnik will be launching its brand new 85-20 flashback arrestor for acetylene at the renowned Schweissen & Schneiden welding fair this week.

The 85-20 is designed for the medium user range up to around 45 standard cubic metres per hour (approx. 1589 scfh) for acetylene and other oxy-fuel gases.

The new model enhances the company’s existing product portfolio, which ranges from up to 8 Nm³/h (approx. 282 scfh) at the lower user range and up to 220 Nm³/h
(approx. 7768 scfh) at the upper user range.

With two different versions available, the 85-20 also offers users an extremely compact design with a length of around 130mm and a diameter of only 62mm. With its focus on the medium performance range, the new product offers significant cost benefits for users with medium gas consumption requirements.

Flashback arrestors to meet the standard EN 730 are used in gas welding, cutting and burning applications, while the high quality flashback arrestors offered by Witt include a triple protection with a gas non-return valve, flame arrestor and cut-off valve.

The Schweissen & Schneiden Fair takes place between the 14th and 19th of September 2009 in Essen and is considered to be one of the most important events in the welding industry calendar.