Witt Gas Techniques Ltd, recently received an order for 5 specialist MG 600-ERC gas mixers from Coors Brewers, which have now been installed in their breweries around the UK.

These mixers, which have been designed with input from Coors brewing personnel, mix CO2 with N2 at the rate of 600 cubic meters per hour.

The mixing of the gases is controlled electronically so the gas mixture can be set remotely from a PC. Their operators can also remotely read the mixture settings and with the integrated CO2 analyser they have continuous transmitted analysis of the gas mixture.

Carl Long, General Manager at Witt Gas Techniques said: \\$quot;Our engineers in Germany have worked closely with Coors personnel to provide the product they required. This is not a standard product, Coors gave us their requirements and we came up with the solution. This is something we do with many of our customers, as safety has always to be a priority when handling gases. We do have a tremendous amount of expertise in the handling and analysis of all types of gases. In addition to the Gas mixers we have also supplied Coors with four Oxybaby V hand held O2/CO2 gas analysers to make random sample checks of the gas mixture at fixed sample points.\\$quot;