Witt Gas Techniques has started to market a range of gas filters to provide protection against flammable and non-flammable gas contamination and condensation.

All the filters come with BAM approval for use with acetylene in many industries including ship building, large fabrication shops, steel mills and other heavy industries.

The 77 and 625 filters are designed for use in gas supply pipelines and the 622 filter is designed for use at outlets points in gas pipelines. Features include ultra fine filtering of mechanical impurities using nickel chromium steel filter inserts, the filters can be changed whilst in situ, they all have high flow rates, and condensation can be collected and removed using a condensation drain on the 77 and 625 filters.

With acetylene the maximum working pressure on all three filters is 1,5 bar, other fuel gases it is 16 bar and for compressed air using the 622 and 625 filters it is 16 bar and on the 77 filter the maximum working pressure using compressed air or pure oxygen is 40 bar.