Manufacturers consuming large quantities of technical gases need to ensure a continuous supply of gas, a requirement that equipment supplier Witt is capable of meeting with its new product.

Automatic Switchover Units from Witt ensure that manufacturers are able to switch between two gas mixers when connected to individual gas cylinders or bundles (also called MCP’s, manifolded cylinder pallets).

Food processors, shipbuilders, steel producers, vehicle manufacturers, and high volume fabricators are examples of manufacturing companies using large volumes of technical gases, requiring continuous gas supply.

Breaks in gas supply can lead to higher production costs through reduced quality and higher downtimes. Witt Switchover Units, however, allow manufacturers to automatically switch from one gas mixer to another without a break in the supply.

Each unit is programmed and adjusted to meet each customer’s specific requirements including the integration of a chart recorder, gas analyser and alarm systems to warn the operator when to renew cylinders.