Witt has introduced its new non-return valve, the NV150, a development to prevent the dangerous backflow of gases and the formation of unwanted mixtures in plants and pipelines.

The product features a compact ½inch fitting with minimal pressure loss and high flow capacity, made possible by its unique optimised design.

The 60mm short component, with a diameter of 35mm, meets all the requirements of DIN EN ISO 5175-2 and protects systems featuring towns gas/natural gas, acetylene, hydrogen, oxygen and non-flammable gases as well as compressed air.

The NV150 offers the ultra-low opening pressure typical of Witt valves. The pressure drop in the line is therefore extremely low, making the valve particularly suitable for systems operated at low pressures.

The new spring-loaded valve system has low noise emissions, avoiding problems which bedevil other valves on the market. A high-quality sealing system with elastomers effectively presents leaks.

Model NV150 is designed to operate up to 70°c ambient temperature and 16 bar maximum operating pressure. Weighing 221g, the brass device can be mounted in any position and offers a long service life due to its integrated dirt filter (100 micron).

The product is also available in stainless steel and aluminium, the lightweight aluminium version is ideal for applications in the field of fuel cell mobility.

Witt NV150 valve

Source: Witt