The new passive protection devices prevent serious accidents by relieving pressure before excess pressure can build up and become dangerous to systems and people.

Excess pressure can also have undesired consequences when working with pressures below 500 mbar. It can affect the quality of the products or the devices used.

David Breil, product specialist, enthused “Even minor pressure fluctuations can put the process at risk.”


The valves are spring-loaded and are direct acting. This means that as soon as the opening pressure is reached, a spring-loaded component gives in, opens the valve and releases the excess pressure. It then closes automatically after equalising the pressure. A renewed increase in pressure will open it again.

The Witt safety relief valves can cover an extremely wide operating range. The opening pressure can be set from five mbar to 45 bar, depending on the model. Thus, even minimal increases in pressure can be detected. This is important when working with highly sensitive systems or housings.

WITT safety relief valve

Source: WITT

Witt safety relief valves: protect from dangerous excess pressure and can be installed virtually anywhere and in any position thanks to their small dimensions.