The '800 ES' gas non-return valve from Witt has been successfully tested by BAM1 for burn-out safety up to 240 bar (3481 psi) with oxygen.

Previous commercially available solutions work to far lower operating pressures or have not been tested at all. Witt notes that this valve may therefore be considered 'one of a kind' when it comes to accident prevention.

The one-time test by BAM is also particularly significant, as it makes it far easier for the user to obtain a permit for the designated gas supply system - which then enhances safety and saves costs.

In addition to oxygen, the '800 ES' can also be used for other technical gases including hydrogen, while applications include almost all machinery, pressure control stations and flammable gas pipelines.

The system is so versatile as gas non-return valves such as the '800 ES' prevent any back-feeding of gas, thereby preventing the formation of combustible mixtures and possible explosions.

Installation should not present any problems even in confined spaces, owing to the product's compact design, while it is mainly made of stainless steel as this is more resistant than brass.