Witt-Gasetechnik’s flagship analyser, the Oxybaby®, is celebrating its 25th year in business.

The mobile modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) testing device, which is one of the biggest selling residual oxygen (O2) analysers in the food industry according to the company, is celebrating a quarter of a century since its creation.

Witt Managing Director Martin Bender first developed the drawings of the first generation Oxybaby back in 1992 when MAP was in its first stages of infancy. He explained, “The random measurement of food packaging for quality assurance was still in its beginnings.”

“The existing instruments were awkward to use and not very sophisticated technologically. With the development of the Oxybaby, we were able to fill a timely niche.”


The device quickly established itself as a leading product in its field, with the second generation adapting to increasing needs by incorporating an integrated pump to extract gas samples from packaging. Bender said that this innovation kick-started a “success story.”

Witt has continued to develop and evolve the Oxybaby in terms of operation, design and functionality, with the gadget now up to version 6.0 and described as “one of the most powerful sample gas analysers available on the market.”

Initially, the instrument was created to determine residual O2 content, but now it measures carbon dioxide (CO2) and determines gas pressure too. It measures results in six seconds from as low as a two-millilitre gas sample and displays O2 value in 0.01% increments.

Today, its pump also responds automatically to any blockages in the needle or filter and adjusts output accordingly and its memory capacity has been increased to several hundred entries, with export functions and interfaces also having been extended.

Special variants of the device have also been created, such as the Oxybaby Med for hospital use and Oxybaby P for testing gas supply lines.

“The Oxybaby will remain one of core products in the future,” Bender underlined. “The last 25 years have shown that such a product will continue to be refined, so you can look forward to exciting and useful new features for the user with the latest generations of Oxybaby.”

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Source: Witt-Gasetechnik

This image shows the evolution of the Oxybaby since its creation in 1992.