Witt has developed a new device for checking for moisture in gases and compressed air.

Moisture in gases and compressed air can cause considerable damage, so it is vitally important to perform regular checks. The latest device for this purpose is called the Hydrobaby, and is available from Witt.

The hand-held analyser has been developed for mobile use. It features a ceramic metal oxide sensor that determines the humidity of the gas from the dew point.

The Hydrobaby is even suitable for sensitive applications such as medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Classic applications are industrial process monitoring, environmental technology, gaseous fuels and many other applications for technical gases and air, such as in the metal industry or food industry.

The handy device made of shock-resistant plastic and pressed aluminum weighs only 1600 grams (approx.). It has an integrated long-life rechargeable battery and a backlit graphic display with multilingual menu.

It displays the relevant parameters such as dew point, relative humidity in percent and moisture concentration in ppm (parts per million), as well as the ambient temperature, pressure in the measuring chamber and a trend plot of the measured values. For the latter a circulating memory that can store the last 4000 measurements is included. An inbuilt test routine protects against measuring errors and warns if the filter is blocked.

Users can assign measurements to various products or processes by name. The integrated USB port allows data export for further processing and documentation, as well as recharging the battery.

A separate model of Hydrobaby with ATEX approval is available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and features various options for special applications.