Oy Woikoski Ab, Finland’s oldest industrial gas company, is reworking its sales organisation in order to improve its customer service channels in the Scandinavian country.

As part of the reform, the sale of industrial gases and welding equipment at Woikoski’s service locations came to an end on 15th September this year, however its retail sales points will continue to serve its customer base and gas deliveries will continue as before.

Under its new ordering and delivery procedure for medical gases, all supplies will now be centralised in Woikoski’s medical customer service centre in Järvenpää.

In addition, its direct sales and solution sales teams will continue its operations whilst retail customers and resellers will now be assisted by Woikoski’s retail and corporate sales team.

A spokesperson confirmed, “These changes will further improve our ability to meet our customers’ varied needs and to offer services rapidly and efficiently.”

The company’s new service channels and procedures will launch on 3rd October.