An agreement has been signed between Woodside Energy (woodside) and several other industrial gas companies to study the feasibility of a long-term, stable supply chain of sustainable liquid hydrogen (LH2) from Western Australia to Singapore, with the possibility of Japan.

The Australian energy company has recently sought to contribute to the energy transition with the announcement of the proposed H2Perth Hydrogen facility in Kwinana, Perth. 

In collaboration with Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte Ltd (Keppel), City Energy Pte Ltd (City Energy), Osaka Gas Singapore Pte Ltd (Osaka Gas Singapore), and City-OG Gas Energy Services Pte Ltd (City-OG), Woodside will undertake the study until mid-2022. 

The development aims to promote hydrogen as a key aspect of lowering carbon emissions and meeting net zero targets. 

Liquefication of the gas allows for more hydrogen to be stored and transported than its gaseous form. 

Meg O’Neill, CEO, Woodside stated that the agreement, recognised by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), is aligned with the company’s strategy to develop new low emission energy products. 

She added, “It is important for us to work collaboratively with potential customers and end users such as Keppel Data Centres, Osaka Gas Singapore, City Energy and City-OG to build out a sustainable hydrogen supply chain from our proposed H2Perth Project. 

The project will also contribute to Keppel’s Vision 2030 and carbon emission targets, in addition to helping Osaka Gas Singapore become carbon neutral by 2050.