Cryogenic liquified natural gas (LNG) solutions expert KBR will provide a front-end engineering design (FEED) for Woodside Energy’s (Woodside) proposed H2OK liquid hydrogen production facility project in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

The liquid gas, when used as a sustainable fuel, helps decarbonise the typically hard-to-abate transportation sector as the only emission produced is water. 

Phase 1 of KBR’s services will involve construction of an initial 290-megawatt (MW) facility which will produce up to 90 tonnes per day (tpd) of liquid hydrogen through electrolysis. 

Stating that the project is the latest one in its portfolio of decarbonisation solutions, Jay Ibrahim, President – Sustainable Technology Solutions, KBR, added, “Our focus on energy transition and carbon footprint reduction is helping our clients meet their sustainability goals around the globe.” 

“At KBR, we continually strive to develop new technologies and solutions that benefit our planet.” 

A final investment decision on H2OK will be made by Woodside in the second half of 2022 liquid hydrogen production set to begin in 2025. 

Meg O’Neill, CEO, Woodside, commented on the development, saying, “We are excited about the H2OK opportunity, given H2OK’s strategic location close to national highways and the supply chain infrastructure of major companies already looking for reliable, affordable and lower carbon sources of energy.” 

Woodside recently announced a target of investing $5bn in new energy products and lower carbon services by 2030, helping to support the energy transition.