Supported by Cryostar, a specialist in cryogenic equipment, AGA Gas AB has built Europe’s first liquid to compressed biogas (LCBG) refuelling station in the city of Sundsvall, Sweden.

AGA Gas AB, a member of The Linde Group, has built, owns and operates the refuelling station, which has a capacity of 530 Nm3/h.

Work started on the station on 1st July, and when it is fully up and running, Sundsvall will be the first city in the world with the ability to fill vehicles with LCBG.

Mitt Sverige Vatten, a wastewater purifier, will supply the liquefied biomethane, and Cryostar has been participating on the project by supplying its Modular Reciprocating Pump (MRP), the line control system, and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control panel for the whole station.

The filling station will be strategically located near a major highway to supply fuel to a large number of vehicles.