Construction at Carbon Engineering’s Innovation Centre has been progressing swiftly.

The direct air capture (DAC) technology specialist yesterday (18th Feb) provided an update of its works, stating it is pleased with the developments.

Once complete, the centre will be Carbon Engineering’s permanent business and advanced development headquarters and will include a fully integrated Direct Air Capture and AIR TO FUELSTM plant.

Since the company’s last update in November, the site has continued to progress rapidly, with January and February seeing all but one of the major pieces of equipment for our Direct Air Capture process installed.

The Innovation Centre administration building is well underway, with the structure now erected and partially clad. The 1250m2 building will be home to Carbon Engineering’s advanced development and plant operations, and will include a reception, offices, meeting rooms, drop spaces, a laboratory, a first aid room, and a control room.

It will also house a large shop space for plant support and maintenance activities.

According to a statement, the last piece of major equipment to be installed will be the calciner, which will arrive on site in May.

The calciner is where CO2-rich pellets produced in the pellet reactor are heated to 900°C to release the CO2 in pure gas form.